Good Luck Plaza is one of the largest shopping mall in Blacktown area with an area of 13,000 square metres.

Good Luck Plaza (Blacktown) was registered in Australia in 2010 and is undergoing rapid expansion and currently has 2 shopping malls in Sydney region.

Good Luck Plaza Blacktown shopping area accommodates sorted food stores such as seafood market, bakery, butcher shop and other shops servicing the local area including a hair salon, CD shop and etc.

The Plaza also provides office space, and together with administration and conference facilities, is capable of meeting any local business needs.

Best and Lucky Shopping Experiences

At Good Luck Plaza (Blacktown), we're committed to providing local area customers with a wide range of services as well as the best and lucky shopping experiences possible.

For those retailers that share our values, we welcome you to take part in our Good Luck Plaza.

As a one-stop shopping spot, we believe greater choices and full range services for our customers, enables Good Luck Plaza to communicate with customers on an ongoing manner which helps Good Luck Plaza to be the first of their think when considering the next shopping.


Good Luck Plaza is caring about the environment, therefore we’re committed to reducing carbon emissions by providing expanded services to shortening customers shopping trip and we're finding ways to enhance the environment where we live.

Apart from our excellent choices and value, You’ll find there’s more at Good Luck Plaza.

From all of us here at Good Luck Plaza: We are looking forward to welcoming you in our plaza.

Please find your GOOD LUCK PLAZA shop(s)

  • Good Luch Plaza Pho Nam Vietnamese Noodle House
  • Good Luch Plaza Good Luck BBQ
  • Good Luch Plaza Good Luck Bakery
  • Good Luch Plaza OLIVIAEXPRESS
  • Good Luch Plaza JL and Sons Fresh Fruit Pty Ltd
  • Good Luch Plaza Good Luck Seafood Market
  • Good Luch Plaza Good Luck Butcher Shop
  • Good Luch Plaza Good Luck Hair Salon
  • Good Luch Plaza QQ Phone Card / CD Shop
  • Good Luch Plaza Lucky Money
  • Good Luck Plaza_G & L Supermarket
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