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Asian Food

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We understand that our customers have different food cultures, lifestyle needs and food preferences and we take this seriously. That's why we working hard to develop our international product range as well as local food. Apart from a wide range of international food choices, as a customer of G & L Supermarket, you can be assured that all products you purchase from G & L Supermarket is carefully picked for its quality and variety.

It's our pleasure to fulfil all your Asian food needs and word-of-mouth has started to spread beyond our loyal local customers and our large product range of specialty and gourmet foods are now attracting people from not only Blacktown but also the surrounding suburbs.

We have a wide range of food from different country and region, such as China, HongKong, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Japan and Korean, etc. Our extensive product range almost covers all the Asian countries and regions. No matter what food culture, lifestyle, diet you are searching for, you'll find everything on your grocery and supermarket shopping list at G & L Supermarket. And more.

The following products offer quality and great value and are available at G & L Supermarket.
  • China, HK, Taiwan
  • Indonesia
  • Singapore, Malay, Thai, Vietnam
  • Japan, Korea
  • India
  • Health Food, Tea, Herbs, Herber Soap, Nuts
  • Frozen Food, Drinks, Chill Fresh Food
  • Seasoning, Sauce
  • Biscuit, Noodle, Snacks
  • Kitchen Ware
And if there is something you cannot immediately find or need some advice on, just ask one of our friendly staff who is nearby and happy to help you.