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About G & L Supermarket

G & L Supermarket
G & L Supermarket
G & L Supermarket
G & L Supermarket
G & L Supermarket
G & L Supermarket
G & L Supermarket
G & L Supermarket
G & L Supermarket

Gourmet, Fresh & Good value

At G & L Supermarket, We are proud that our wide range of everyday and gourmet foods, the freshness of our vegetables and fruit, our competitive prices, and outstanding customer service which is guaranteed by the high technology which we employed to modernise the shopping environment, thus a happy shopping experience to our customers. All these made G & L Supermarket something of an institution in the Mt. Druitt area.
we believe in providing our customers with a wide range of quality products , while we carries the freshest fruit and vegetables possible.

Brand Value

To promote a positive and optimistic life attitude, "be lucky" is G & L Supermarket's brand value. We aspire to make local people our lucky and happy customers.

Alliance of International and Local food

We understand that our customers have different lifestyle needs and food preferences, that's why we are dedicated to developing our range of products even further and providing various choices. Meanwhile, all our products is carefully picked for its quality and variety, includes foods from local market and overseas brands.

Reasonable and Efficient

We recognise that technology is crucial to provide our customers a convenient, enjoyable and confortable shopping experience, which our customers deserve, and we are constantly looking for new ways to offer the best possible customer assistance.
Below are the key areas in which we as a company strive to develop the techniques of our shopping environment:
  • Price check terminals. Help customers to find out the exact price by scanning items as a self serve service.
  • Advanced Cash Register system - DDA Retail Pocket PC which is operated wirelessly throughout the store, allowing the staff updating product prices at the shelves, issuing purchase orders at the dock and checking the stock availabilities anywhere across the store. The system help the supermarket management running smoothly and efficient.
  • Cordless barcode scanners are also used for scanning barcodes off large cartons for wholesale customers.
  • Surveillance Camera. To secure the customers' shopping environment is safe and pleasant.
  • Excellent Category Management. Product groups are classified through trade region and country to help shoppers locate their target products quickly.
  • Safe and Modern Storage Equipment. Modern storage equipments are employed for rack safety and other safety issues as well as efficiency issues.
  • Large Capacity of Warehouse. Retailers can be assured they will be satisfied with the quantity and variety of products.
  • Ample Parking. To convenient individual consumers as well as retailers.

We are listening to our customers, and are always on the lookout for new products and technologies to give our customers the best shopping experience possible.
G & L supermarket has strong ties to the local community. We believe in giving back to the neighbourhood that has welcomed us. Therefore, while taking steps to improve our supermarket, we're committed to bringing "Lucky and Good" services to the local area and to fulfilling customers all shopping needs here at Good Luck Plaza.

Easy Access

We are close to the public transport, for people traveling by train and bus. We also have ample parking for private vehicles.


Whether you are looking for your neighbourhood local supermarket or wholesale supplier, you can find the products right for you at G & L supermarket. We are open to public as well as to retailers.

Apart from our excellent quality and real value, You’ll find there’s more at G & L Supermarket.