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Asia Food - Japan, Korea

Indonesia food
Japanese cuisine can be classified as staple food (Shushoku) and dishs. The staple food includes rice (Gohan), Noodles (men-rui) and Bread (pan). The main dishes are made of vegetables and fish. The ways to make dished are varied, such as cook, steam, bake, stew and cold dish. Spices are also important for Japanese meal.
Compared to other countries, Korean food is much simpler, their staple food is rice, while they enjoy pickled vegetable. The import of pickled vegetable takes the half share of in the world. Cabbage, carrot and capsium,most vegetable can be used as a raw material of pickled vegetable, and normally they are made to a beautiful tile or shape before they are served. There are many un-named pickled vegetable, but all of them are tasteful and good appetite. Apart from these, seafood is common on Korean table due to its long coasts. Kinds of jam and tonic can also be found here and there.

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