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Asia Food - Singapore,Mayla,Thai,Vietnam

Indonesia food
Multi-culture is featured Singapore in Asian area. Immigrates from China, Malaysia, India, West Europe come to Singapore during the whole century. The Singapore food is influenced by centuries of cultural interaction. It's not surprised to find Chinese dishes, Western fastfood, Japanese cuisine, Korean BBQ, Thai dishes, Indian meal, and Malaysian food, Indonesia food here.
Similar to Singapore, Malaysia food is also various as a result of multi-culture. The food mix Chinese, India and local taste and is developed a great diversity.
Thailand is famous for its hot taste. It's a product of long and hot Summer. They also enjoy to have lemon leaf and lemon grass in their cuisine.
While the Vietnam food is featured by its rich taste - sour, hot, sweet and oil-free. Vegetable and fruit are common. Orange juice is popular in Thailand. It's worth to mention the fish gravy which is an important spice on Vietnamese table.

  • Seafood
  • Desserts
  • Drinks and beverages
  • Snacks and street food
  • Spices and other flavorings

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