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Wholesale Service

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At Good Luck Supermarket we provide our wholesale customers with a wide range of quality products. As a customer of G & L Supermarket, you can be assured that all products you purchase from G & L Supermarket is carefully picked from thousands selected Asian brands for its quality and variety. That's why our product is unbeatable in quality and price.
Our products come from different countries and regions, such as China, HongKong, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Korean, etc. No matter what kind of lifestyle, food culture your client is searching for, you'll find everything at G & L Supermarket. And more.

The following products offer quality and great value and are available at G & L Supermarket.
  • Restaurant Supplies
  • Catering Supplies
  • Party Supplies
  • Packaging Supplies

Another outstanding feature of G & L Supermarket, is the large capacity of storage. It guarantee our retail customer the variety and quantity of products, while modern storage equipments provide a safe and efficient storage environment.

We also provide ample parking for all kinds vehicles to make it easier for transportation.